How Many Books Does Audible Have? [Latest Statistics]

Audible has an extensive collection of 470,000+ audiobooks in 24 main categories and 12 languages including classics, bestsellers, and new releases.

Audible also offers a large collection of 50,000+ original podcasts and hundreds of free audiobook titles.

The Plus Catalog contains over 70,000 titles and it is updated weekly with fresh content. Audible members can enjoy unlimited streaming of the Plus Catalog.

If you search for how many books are available on Audible, you generally get a 200,000 figure, based on Wikipedia and dated online information.

I decided to dig deep to find the latest numbers and contacted Audible’s customer support. While the first chat assistant said they only have category-specific numbers, I got the same 200,000 number on the second try (they probably also Googled to assist me)

total Audible books

So, to get the latest numbers, I went through all 24 categories and the latest stats by different sites and the real number comes out as around 470,000+ titles.

This makes Audible the largest audiobook retailer and market leader in the audiobook market.

Here are the top 10 categories on Audible, according to the number of titles.

Audible's top 10 categories

All of the top 10 categories have an extensive variety of content. If you want to get an idea of the quality of Audible content without subscription, you can either try the sample of an audiobook or give one of the Free Listens a try.

To sum it up, Audible is the market leader in the audiobook industry and offers the best quality content. If you are looking for a new release, bestseller, or a classic, Audible is your best bet.

How Many Books Do You Get with Audible Membership

If you are wondering how many books can I listen to on Audible if I sign up for a membership, here is what you get with an Audible subscription.

1: Free Listens

This section contains hundreds of audiobooks and podcasts that are free without any trial or membership. Anyone with a basic Audible account can listen to these titles.

Visit Audible’s Free Listens Section

2: Plus Catalog

As an Audible member, you get access to more than 70,000 titles for unlimited streaming. The Plus Catalog is regularly updates with fresh content added to it all the time.

Audible plus catalog
Plus Catalog has over 70,000 Audiobooks (Source: Audible customer support)

Streaming works the same as Netflix where you get to stream unlimited titles as long as your membership is active.

You do not own these audiobooks so you cannot keep them after your Audible membership is cancelled.

3: Membership Credits

As part of your Audible Premium Plus membership, you receive monthly credits. The number of credits you get depends on your subscription plan.

You can use these credits to purchase any of the premium titles (best sellers, new releases, etc.) One credit gets you one title, regardless of its price. You can also get extra credits for a discounted price when you are running short on them.

Using credits to get your favorite title is one of the best ways to save money on Audible.

Note: Audible members get 30% discount on all cash purchases and access to members-only sales and offers including daily, weekly and monthly sales

4: Deals and Offers

As an Audible member, you regularly get deals and offers on all other titles. Check the Audible Deals page regularly and you can easily get your favorite title at huge discounts.

To make sure you do not miss a sale, visit the notification page and sign up for sales and offers emails. You can get Daily Deal emails delivered directly to your email.

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I love Audible’s Wish List feature. You can add your favorite titles, that you want to purchase in the future, in the wish list and get notifications when they go on a sale.

Note: Although you can purchase Audible books without a membership plan, Audible offers 30% discount to its members on all cash purchases.

So, if you are wondering “How many audiobooks can I listen to on Audible”? you get

  • Unlimited streaming of Plus Catalog titles
  • Monthly credits to purchase your favorite premium titles
  • And daily/weekely/monthly sales, deals and offers

Any audiobooks you purchase on Audible (with credit or cash) are yours to keep forever, even if you decide to cancel the membership.

Audible offers the largest library of audiobooks including bestsellers and new arrivals. Audible membership is worth it for audiobook enthusiasts who want to save money on audiobook purchases.

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