Transfer Audible Books to Another Account [6 Proven Methods]

Although it is technically not possible to “transfer” Audible books from one account to another, there are different workarounds to “share” your favorite Audible books with others.

You can share audiobooks with family members via the Family Library feature in Amazon Household. Other ways include purchasing a book as a gift for someone or simply sharing your favorite books with others.

Let us explore how to transfer Audible books to another account using different methods.

4 Methods to Transfer Audible Books to Another Account

In this section, we will explore different methods of transferring Audible books between two accounts with their pros and cons.

Method 1: Using Amazon Household

Method 2: Gift a Book to Someone

Method 3: Use the “Send This Book” Feature

Method 4: Merge Audible Accounts

Bonus Tip: Ask Audible Support

Method 1: Using Amazon Household

Amazon Household has an Amazon Family Library feature that allows you to share your Audible books, eBooks, apps, games, and other digital content with your family members.

Using this method, all Amazon Household members can listen to the same copy of a shared audiobook.

Note: You can also share other Prime benefits including streaming, free shipping, and discounts with your Amazon Household

Before setting up the Amazon Family Library, make sure you know a few basic requirements

  • Amazon Household can consist of up to 6 members including up to 2 adults (including you), up to 4 children, and up to 4 teens (age 13 to 17 years)
  • Family members need to be from the same region/country as you
  • You and other account holders must have the same physical address
  • Teen accounts cannot access books that you shared

Each adult needs their own Amazon account while child profiles are created as part of an adult’s account.

Now, follow these steps to create the Amazon Household.

  • Go to the Amazon Household page and click on Add Adult to link another Audible account
add adult to amazon household

  • Provide the name and email address of the other person. Make sure to use the email address that is associated with the other person’s Amazon account. If the email address is not associated with an Amazon account, they will be prompted to create a new Amazon account. Click Continue

  • Click Agree and Continue on the next screen

  • On the Family Library screen, check the Audiobooks option to share Audible books with other Family Library members. You can also check Apps/Games and eBooks to share. You have the option to change these settings later. Click Continue

  • Click Send Invite here to send the invitation.

The recipient will receive the invitation through email and need to accept it within 14 days.

When the recipient receives the email from Amazon, they need to click on the Get Started link and select Continue to confirm.

Once the Family Library is set up, you and other Amazon Household members can see and share eBooks, audiobooks, and apps.

To share audiobooks and content

  • Go to the Content page and choose View: Audiobooks [You can go to the Content page from your Amazon account > Content & Devices]
  • Select the titles you want to share and click Add to Library

  • You will get Family Library options in a new window

You can share audiobooks, eBooks, and other content with your Amazon Household members using this method.


  • Share audiobooks, eBooks, discounts, and more with your family members for free. This is one of the best ways to save money on Audible and a key benefit of Audible membership.
  • You can share Prime video streaming access, Amazon Music and Prime benefits with teens in your Amazon Household and share eBooks, apps, and games with children
  • Amazon Household Sharing can be a good alternative to merging two Audible accounts if you want to access content of two accounts through one login


  • Audible plus catalog titles cannot be shared via Family Library Sharing
  • Titles shared in the Family Library can’t be shared with teen profiles
  • Teen profiles can’t share content through the Family Library

One of the key benefits of audiobook format is that all family members can enjoy the same book at the same time.

Method 2: Gift a Book to Someone

Audiobooks make great gifts. If you want to share an Audible book with someone, you can purchase it as a gift.

  • Go to and sign in to your account
  • Search and find the audiobook that you want to gift
  • On the book details page, click on More Options

  • Click on the Give as a gift option here

  • You can either send the gift through Email or Print it to hand deliver yourself. I selected the Email option. Enter receipt details and the date for sending the book as an email and click continue. You can add a note/message for the recipient as well.
gift audible book

  • Preview all the details on the next page (you can edit details if you need to) and select the buy option to finalize the purchase

After you have purchased the audiobook as a gift, you will be taken to the thank you page confirming the order and you will also receive a confirmation email.

Gifting a book is one of the best ways to share Audible books to your loved ones.



  • Gift audiobooks can’t be purchased from the Audible app. You can only make a gift purchase from the Audible website.
  • You cannot apply Coupons for purchasing a gift title
  • Some Audible credits cannot be used to purchase gifts including credits from a book return, Bonus or promotional through offers that were not purchased, and credits received as part of a gift membership
  • You can not use Amazon Gift Card for Audible purchases

Bestsellers, new releases, and autobiographies make the perfect gift for book lovers. You can also gift an Audible membership to your loved ones. Know more from Audible’s Gift Centre.

Method 3: Use the “Send This Book” Feature

Audible has a feature to share your favorite audiobooks with others via email, WhatsApp, text messages, social media sharing, and more.

Here is how to transfer audible books to another account using the Send This Book feature.

  • Open the Audible app on your device and tap Library from the bottom navigation bar
  • Find the book you want to share and tap the ellipsis option (3 dots) in front of the book. Tap on the Share option from the popup menu
share audible book
share audible book
  • On the next screen, choose from the sending options and send the book.  

That’s it. You have sent and shared the audiobook. The message will appear at the receiver’s end with a link to get the book.


  • A quick way to share and recommend your favorite titles with others
  • You do not need to purchase or own the book to share


  • The receiver has to buy the book to listen

It is technically not a “transfer” but “sharing” what you liked. It is a recommendation for others to check out your favorite titles.

They may get the book using available credit or add it to their wish list to get it when it’s on a sale or offer.

Method 4: Merge Audible Accounts

If you are wondering, can I transfer my audible books to another account? One way is to combine two Audible accounts.

If both accounts are in the same country or origin, they are eligible to be merged. To merge two Audible accounts, contact Amazon Support at with the details of both accounts and they will help you with the process.

Note: You can also contact Audible via Chat or Phone. Visit Contact Customer Service for more.


  • Combine books and Audible benefits in a single account
  • Amazon customer support can help you (via email or chat support) with the merging process


  • You can only merge two accounts if they are from the same country/region

If you merge two Audible accounts, your Audible Badge collection will not transfer to new account.

Bonus Tip: Ask Audible Support

You can find yourself in an awkward position like this Reddit user.

If you visit this Reddit thread, you will notice that Audible support helped many users to transfer Audible books from one account to another.

You can explain your reasons and get help from Audible Customer Support.

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