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How to Use Audiobook Percentage Calculator

This calculator provides an easy way to find how far you are in an audiobook. Simply provide the Time Listened and the Total Time and calculate your progress percentage with one click.

To display the Time Listened and Total Time of an audiobook on the Audible app, follow these steps
  1. Tap on the 3 Dot (Menu) > Player Settings
  2. Next, select the Time Listened/ Total Time option in the Mini Player Time Display section
Audible progress percentage

Thats it. The Audible Player progress bar will now show the required times.

  1. Tap on the top left arrow to minimize the Audible player
  2. The display bar now shows Time Listened & Total Time for the audiobook.
Audible Player displaying Time Listened and Total Time

Provide values in the above calculator to find your progress percentage.

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