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Can You Change the Voice on Audible? [Explained]

Featured Image: Can You Change the Voice on Audible

You cannot change the voice on Audible in most cases, which is one of the major cons of audiobook format. The audiobooks are recorded by narrators, selected by authors and publishers. Asking to change a narrator is like asking to replace an actor in a movie. There can be one exception. If Audible has more

Can You Use Amazon Gift Card for Audible?

Can you use an Amazon gift card for Audible

It is currently not possible to use the Amazon gift card to buy an Audible subscription, audiobooks from Audible, or Audible gift cards. The good news is, that there are several ways to buy audiobooks from other stores using an Amazon gift card. This article focuses on where to use your Amazon gift card, accepted

Audible Badges [Everything You Need To Know]

Featured image: Audible Badges collection

Brands offer reward systems to acknowledge customers’ achievements. Audible badges can be considered as trophies that you have in your cabinet after achieving certain milestones. This article explains all of the 18 Audible badges and what it takes to earn them.   Jump To How to Access Audible Badges To access Audible badges on the

Does Audible Use Data? [How to Listen to Audible Offline?]

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Audible uses data to download the audiobook (from the cloud to your device). Once the book is downloaded on your device, you can listen to it offline without the internet connection. Audible also needs internet connection to sync your current listening position. This article shows you how to listen to audiobooks without the internet. This

Audible Only Playing Sample? [7 Reasons with Fixes]

why is Audible only playing samples

If Audible is playing a sample of an audiobook instead of the full version, it could be due to several different reasons. You may not be eligible to access the full version of the title or the audiobook download may be corrupted. Other reasons include storage issues, Audible app issues, or problems with your device.

Transfer Audible Books to Another Account [6 Proven Methods]

Transfer Books to Another Account

Although it is technically not possible to “transfer” Audible books from one account to another, there are different workarounds to “share” your favorite Audible books with others. You can share audiobooks with family members via the Family Library feature in Amazon Household. Other ways include purchasing a book as a gift for someone or simply

How to Reduce Audible Storage [7 Proven Tips]

reduce audible storage space

There are several settings and ways to make Audible use less storage space on your device. You can turn off auto download, delete finished audiobooks, download books in parts or at standard quality, and more. This article will show you how to reduce Audible storage on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and other Audible-compatible devices.