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How to Link Audible to Alexa [Complete Guide]

Featured Image: How to Link Audible to Alexa

Since Amazon owns both Alexa and Audible, they work together seamlessly. You need to connect your Audible account to Alexa to access your audiobooks and other Audible content on the Alexa app and devices. Let us find out how to connect Alexa to Audible and explore some of the benefits of listening to audiobooks on

Search Audible by Narrator [on Audible website & App]

Featured Image: how to search audible by narrator

Some people love audiobooks narrated by their favorite celebrities while others get attached to a narrator’s voice after hours of listening and want to explore more of their content. Narrators can bring a story to life by adding their personality to the characters and developing a special bond with listeners. You can search Audible for

How to Change Audible Payment Method

Featured image: How to Change Audible Payment Method

If you want to add a new card to your Audible account, edit an existing card, or are wondering how to change the default Audible payment method, this article shows you step-by-step guides to do all of the above in a few minutes. Jump To What Payment Methods are Accepted on Audible Audible accepts the

How to Find Audible Purchase History

Feature Image: How to Find Audible Purchase History

Audible makes it easy to find your account’s purchase history. On Audible’s desktop website, hover your mouse over your account name and click on Account Details and Purchase History. On Audible’s mobile website, tap on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) > Account Name > Purchase history. The Purchase History section contains all of your

Best Alexa Commands for Audible

Featured image: Alexa Commands for Audible

Alexa and Audible have seamless integration as both are owned by Amazon. After linking your Audible account to your Alexa device, you can use voice commands to listen to Audible content on your Alexa devices and the Alexa app (iOS and Android). Alexa device makes a perfect Audible player because of its excellent sound quality

How to Find Pre Orders on Audible [Complete Guide]

How to find pre-orders on Audible

Audible’s pre-order feature allows users to order upcoming titles in advance, so they can listen to their favorite audiobook as soon as it is released. You can find the pre-orders in the Purchase History section on Audible’s website. There are many reasons and benefits to pre-order your favorite titles on Audible. This article answers all