How to Unarchive Books on Audible [Complete Tutorial]

When you archive an Audible book, it moves from your account’s Library section to the Archive folder. It is a useful feature to declutter and manage your Audible library. It can also help you free up storage space on your device if you delete a title before moving it to the archive.

The archive feature works like a box of books in your basement. You can always get them if you need but they are out of your bookshelf, saving you space and keeping your bookshelf organized and clean.

You can learn more from the Audible archive vs remove from the device article that explains both features in detail.

Can You Retrieve Archived Audible Books?

Yes, you can unarchive the archived books at any time. They will move back to your account’s library section where you can listen to them again.  

All purchased titles (using credits or card payment) are yours for life. You can listen to them as many times as you want, even after cancelling your Audible membership.

How to Unarchive Books on Audible

Follow these steps to unarchive archived books on the Audible app.

  • Open the Audible app
  • Tap Library from the bottom navigation bar
  • From the top navigation bar, slide left to find and tap the Collections
  • Tap the Archive folder from the list
Archive section in Audible app

  • Locate the title that you want to unarchive and tap the ellipsis option (3 dots) in front of the title
unarchive option in Audible app

  • Tap Remove from Archive from the list of options
unarchive a title in Audible app

The book is now unarchived. You can locate the book in the library section of your Audible app and redownload/listen to it with a single tap.

Note: This method works on both iOS and Android devices and you can unarchive books on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android phones and tablets

What Does it Mean to Archive a Book on Audible

If you are a regular audiobook listener, you will be amazed at how fast your library grows. The library section piles up with audiobooks that you have finished listening to.

You may have some books that you bought from sales and offers and will probably not listen to them anytime soon.

An average audiobook is 10 – 13 hours in length and takes around 350 MB of storage space, if downloaded with high-quality audio.

Average Audiobook statistics

If you have a smartphone or tablet with limited storage space, your Audible library may be using most of your device’s storage space.

The best practice is to download only a few audiobooks that you are currently listening to. Keep all the finished and other titles in the archive folder and delete them from your device.

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You can always unarchive a title and move it back to the Library section. Once a title is in your account’s library, you can download it with a single tap when you are ready to listen.

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