How to Merge Audible Accounts [7 Things to Know]

There is no option to merge two Audible accounts into one on the Audible apps or website. Audible does not have any official answer or help for combining two accounts.

After researching online and contacting the Audible’s Customer support, I can confirm that

Yes, it is possible to merge two Audible accounts into one provided

  • Both accounts are on the same marketplace/country
  • Both accounts are registered on the same email address

So, if you have an account in the US marketplace and another in the UK marketplace, you will not be able to combine them.

Audible accounts merging requirements
Audible’s Customer Service Response

Know more about changing your country and marketplace.

How to Merge Audible Accounts

If you meet the above conditions, merging two Audible accounts is a straightforward task. Contact Audible’s Customer Support via chat and ask them to merge two accounts into one.

They will check the account details to see if accounts can be merged and will help you with the merger.

7 Things to Know Before Merging Two Audible Accounts

Here are 7 important things you need to keep in mind before deciding to combine two Audible accounts.

  1. It is not possible to unmerge the Audible accounts after they are merged. So, be 100% sure that you want to combine the accounts.
  2. All of your unused credits and purchased titles (using credits or cash) will be transferred to your primary account. You will not lose any audiobook that you bought or unused credits in your account.
  3. Some data will not be transferred including Audible badges, stats, bookmarks, purchase history, clips, and annotation. If you care about your badge collections, stats, and other data, you may want to think twice before merging the accounts.
Audible customer service chat
Response from Audible’s Customer Service

  1. Make sure you do not have any pre-orders before merging as it can create problems during the merging process. If you have any pending preorders, you can always cancel the preorder before combining two accounts.
  2. It is not possible to merge two accounts from different marketplaces or with different email addresses.
  3. Audible’s customer service may ask you to try Family Sharing/ Amazon Household Sharing for sharing Audible content between accounts. You can insist on merging the accounts if that’s what you want.
  4. If you want to merge two accounts because you want to transfer books from one account to another, there are other ways to transfer Audible books between accounts without merging.

Even if you do not tick all the boxes and think your accounts are not eligible to be merged, you can talk to Audible’s Customer Support and they will suggest the best alternatives.

Amazon Household – The Alternative to Merging Audible Accounts

The Amazon Household feature can be an alternative to merging Audible accounts if you are doing so to access other account’s content.

This feature allows you to share Audible and Amazon content and benefits with other family members.

You can share Audiobooks, eBooks, Prime Videos, Amazon Music, Apps and games, and more with your Household members.

Infographic showing Amazon household sharing options and requirements

Note: You can share the purchased Audible books between Household members but it is not possible to share the Plus Catalog titles (as they are only available for streaming and you do not own them).

The Amazon Household can contain

  • Up to 2 adults (18 years old and over), each with their own Amazon account
  • Up to 4 teens (13 to 17 years of age), with their own Amazon accounts
  • Up to 4 children, without Amazon accounts

This article [Method 1] covers everything you need to know about setting up Amazon Household and sharing your Audible content with other household members.

You can also learn more from

Amazon Household is a must-have feature that allows you to share your Audible and Amazon content and benefits with other family members for free.

Other members do not need Audible or Amazon Prime memberships to receive all the benefits.

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