How to Leave a Review on Audible [The Complete Guide]

One of the things I recommend to do after you have finished an audiobook is to rate and review the title. It not only allows you to express your opinion but also helps other listeners decide whether to purchase the title or not.

An Audiobook review is your way to support your favorite authors and narrators.

Here are 8 important things to know about reviews and ratings on Audible.

  1. You need to own a book or have it in your library (if it is a Free Listens title) to review it. It is not possible to review titles that you have returned.
  2. You do not need an active Audible membership to review a title. You can leave a review for any audiobook that you have listened to on Audible.
  3. You can rate and review the title after listening to at least 20% of an audiobook.
  4. Ratings help Audible provide relevant book recommendations for you
  5. Your review takes up to 2 working days to appear after you have submitted it, provided it meets Audible’s Customer Review Guidelines
  6. If your review does not meet the guidelines, you will be notified via an email
  7. Audible does not allow a review from someone who has not listened to the title on their platform. Authors, narrators, and publishers are also not allowed to review their titles.
  8. Avoid sharing any personal information or external links in your review.

Audible can restrict your ability to use Customer Review if you manipulate the reviews system or violate their guidelines.

5 Factors That Make a Good Review

A good review answers the questions that the potential buyer may have about the book. Be your honest self and say what you feel about the title without any bias.

In my opinion, these 5 factors make a good review.

1: Discuss Narration

A narrator can make or break an audiobook. While narration can turn an ordinary story into an extraordinary experience, an unfitting narrator can ruin even a great book. It is important to discuss your impression of the narrator of the book.

Did the narrator make it easy to follow the story? Was it easy to differentiate between characters during dialogues? How was the narrator’s ability to control emotions and use an accent where needed? Was the narrator able to bring the characters to life?

In short, discuss your impression of narration. Will you have a look at other work by the narrator?

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2: Keep the Review Unbiased and Fair

Highlight both the positives and negatives of the book. While only positive ratings and reviews look suspicious, it does not mean you have to write negative points if there are none.

Was the story as good as you perceived? Discuss if the book met your expectations or if it was not good enough without summarizing the story.

Do not get influenced by other reviewers’ thoughts and comments. Keep your take unbiased and fair.

3: Do Not Underestimate a Critical Review

I sometimes buy audiobooks after going through critical reviews knowing I will love what others did not enjoy. For example, one of the reviews for Rich Dad Poor Dad says

It is Bits and Pieces of great information mixed with fluff and personal stories.

While the reviewer did not appreciate the author’s personal stories, I like it when authors talk about their personal stories. This shows that the author is writing from personal experience adding authenticity to the book.

Constructive criticism can help the narrator, author, and other listeners.

4: Keep It Short

Keep the reviews as long as necessary and as short as possible. You do not need 5 paragraphs or do an in-depth analysis of the book. Other customers are interested in what you think of the book.

For a book summary or detailed review of the book, users go to Goodreads, Amazon, and other websites.

Here are a few things you need to cover in your audiobook reviews.

  • Narrator’s Performance: Did the narrator make it easy to follow the story?
  • Author’s Work: How was the story of the book? Did it meet your expectations? Was it better/worse than what you had expected? Do not summarize the story of the book.
  • Any Unique Element: Did you like the music, sound effects, accents, or humor of the narrator? Mention anything unique about your experience listening to the book.
  • Your Verdict: Users are relying on your review to guide them. Let them know if you recommend the book. Will you explore other works by author or narrator?

The minimum length of review is 15 words so “great book” is not good enough. Do not worry much about typos or forgetting some details as you can always edit your review.

5: Help New Authors and Narrators

While celebrated authors and narrators get plenty of reviews, new faces generally struggle for reviews on their books.

If you like a book that has none or few reviews, take a few minutes to leave a review to help the author.

Reviews convince listeners to take a chance on new authors and help them find hidden gems.

How to Write a Review on Audible

This section explains how to leave a review on Audible app, desktop website, and mobile website.

How to Write a Review on the Audible Desktop Website

To review and rate an audiobook on Audible’s desktop website.

  • Go to Audible’s website on your computer or tablet and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the Library to show all audiobooks and click on a title to go to the Details Page
  • Click on More Options
more options

  • Click on Write a review from options
write a review

  • On the review page, give the title start ratings for Overall, Performance, and Story. Next, write the headline for your review and review the title. Click on Preview when you are done
write an Audible book review

  • Preview your review and click on Edit if you want to change anything. Once you are satisfied, click on Submit
submit audible review

Your review is now submitted and will be visible after it is reviewed by Audible staff. It generally takes a few minutes for a review to appear but it can take up to 2 days.

How to Write a Review on Audible App

To rate and review an audiobook on the Audible app (iOS and Android)

  • Open the Audible app and tap on Library from the bottom navigation bar
  • Next, tap on the 3 dots in front of the audiobook you want to review and rate, and tap on Rate & review
review on audible app
rate and review
  • Select the start ratings for Overall, Performance, and Story. Write the title and full review and tap on Submit once you are done
submit audible review on audible app

Your review is now submitted and will be visible in the title’s review section after a few minutes.

How to Write a Review on the Audible Mobile Website

If you do not want to use the Audible app on your mobile devices and want to write a review on Audible’s mobile site, follow these instructions.

  • Go to Audible’s website on your mobile’s internet browser
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon. Sign in to your account. Tap on the Library option to access all audiobooks
Audible mobile site library option

  • Tap on the three dots menu in front of a book and then tap Rate and Review
rate and review on Audible's mobile site

  • Tap star ratings for Overall, Performance, and Story. Write the headline and details of the review and tap Preview
review on Audible's mobile site

  • Tap on Submit after previewing the details

That’s it. The review is posted and will be visible in a few minutes.

How to Edit/ Delete a Review

You can edit or delete the reviews you have posted.

On Audible’s desktop website

  • Click on your Account Name > Listener Page
listener page

  • Find the review that you want to edit and click on Edit Review
edit a book review

  • Here you have the option to edit any details including ratings, review title, and details. You can also Delete review if you want.
edit an Audible review

To edit or delete a review on Audible’s mobile site

  • Tap on the 3 dots in front of an audiobook and then tap on Edit review.
edit a review in Audible app

  • You can edit any review details here and change the ratings as well. Preview and Submit after you are done.
edit review on Audible's mobile site

Tap on Delete Review if you want to delete it.

On Audible’s iOS app

  • Open the Audible app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
  • Tap on Library from the bottom navigation bar and then tap the overflow menu (3 dots) next to the book that you want to edit the review for. Tap on the Rate and Review from options
edit review on Audible's iOS app
rate and review on Audible's iOS app
  • Here, you can edit the star rating, title, and review. Tap on Submit when done
edit review on Audible's iOS app

You cannot delete a review from Audible’s iOS app. It is also currently not possible to edit or delete a review from Audible’s Android app.

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