Do You Need an Amazon Account To Use Audible [Explained]

Yes, you need an Amazon account to use Audible like any other Amazon product or service. The Amazon account is free and you can create one in a few minutes.

Audible is an Amazon company and offers several benefits for Amazon and Prime members that we will discuss below.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can use it to log in Audible app and explore and listen to audiobooks and other content.

7 Benefits of Using an Amazon Account as an Audible Account

Using the same account for Amazon and Audible has many benefits, especially for Prime members.

Let us discuss some of them.

1: Use the Existing Amazon Account for Audible

You can create an Amazon account for free providing basic information like address, email, phone number, and personal details. Most users already have an Amazon account for online shopping.

Amazon account is also needed for different products and services including Amazon Music, Fire TV, Kindle devices, and Alexa devices.

Note: Using the same Amazon account for Audible and Alexa means you can access Audible content on your Alexa devices/apps

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With so many products and services and Amazon being the favorite destination for online shopping, chances are that you already have an active Amazon account that you can use for Audible.

2: Fewer Details to Remember

Using the Amazon account for Audible means you will not have to remember another account’s details. One login and password work for both accounts. Amazon payment information will also be shared for Audible purchases.

3: Listen to Audible Books on Kindle Devices

There is no limit on number of devices you can use your Audible account on. You can listen to Audible audiobooks on most of the supported Kindle devices.

Here is the list of Audible-compatible Kindle devices.

DevicesAudible Compatibility
Kindle Paperwhite [10th Gen, Signature Edition (11th Gen)]Yes
Kindle Paperwhite [5th Gen, 6th Gen, 7th Gen]No
Kindle Oasis [8th Gen, 9th Gen]Yes
Kindle [1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 8th Gen]Yes
Kindle [7th Gen]No
Kindle TouchYes
Kindle KeyboardYes
Kindle DXYes
Kindle Fire [1st Gen, 2nd Gen]Yes
Kindle Fire HD [2nd Gen, 3rd Gen]Yes
Fire HD [4th-8th Gen]Yes
Fire [5th Gen]Yes
Kindle Fire HDX [3rd Gen, 4th Gen]Yes
Kindle VoyageNo
Reference: Audible compatible Kindle Devices

To identify your Kindle’s model, swipe down from the top of the screen. Select All Settings. Go to Device Options and select Device Info.

kindle device info

Note: To identify your Fire tablet model, open the Settings menu and select Device Options. You can find your device model under Device Model or About Fire Tablet

Your Kindle device is using the same Amazon account as Audible, the Library section in your Kindle will show all of the eBooks and audiobooks (Audible content) when you tap on All.

You can identify the Audible books as follows.

In List View

  • Audiobooks feature the word AUDIBLE under the author’s name
  • If you own both the eBook and audiobook, the title will feature a headphone icon

In Grid View

  • Audiobooks feature the Audible logo at the bottom of the book cover
  • If you have the eBook and audiobook, the book cover will feature a headphone icon at the top right
grid view

To only see the Audible books, tap All Items or the currently selected filter. Then tap the Audible and you will be shown all the audiobooks.

Note: Turn on the Wi-Fi and complete over-the-air updates to see your audiobooks.

4: Whispersync for Voice Feature

Since you are using the same account for Amazon and Audible, you can use Whispersync for Voice feature on your Audible and Kindle devices.

Whispersync for voice allows users to continue listening to audiobooks across different devices without losing their place. This feature also enables users to seamlessly switch between listening to an audiobook and reading the companion Kindle eBook.

With WiFi access, your book’s playback position, bookmarks & clips, and notes are synced across all devices.

Note: To sync between audiobook and eBook, you must own the paired edition (both Kindle eBook and Audible audiobook).

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5: Amazon Household Sharing

Amazon’s Household has a feature called Family Sharing. It allows users to share digital content with other family members at no additional cost.

Using Family Sharing, you can share your Audible audiobooks (and other digital content including eBooks, games, and apps) with other family members.

amazon household sharing

Amazon Household Sharing allows you to share audiobooks with up to two adults, four children, and four teens.

This is one of the best methods to share your Audible books with other family members, without paying extra.

Know more about Amazon Household

6: Amazon and Audible Connectivity

I love how Amazon and Audible work together. You can buy an audiobook on Amazon and it will automatically show up in Audible’s Library section.

You can download the audiobook with one tap to listen.

7: Benefits for Amazon Prime Members

Amazon Prime members can start their Audible trial with 2 free credits. They can use the 2 credits to get 2 of the premium titles including bestsellers and new releases. The standard Audible trial comes with 1 credit and gets you one premium title.

The Prime members also get Prime Reading, a feature that allows them to borrow from thousands of eBooks, at no extra cost. Since your Audible account is the same as Amazon, you can borrow or purchase (at discounted prices) the Audible narration of many of these eBooks.

You can also use Whispersync for Voice feature to switch back and forth between reading and listening. Prime Reading allows you to access thousands of audiobooks without any additional payment.

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Out of all the above benefits, I love the ability to share your audiobooks with your family members via Amazon Household.

The Whispersync for Voice is a cool feature to switch between eBooks and audiobooks and the ability to listen to audiobooks on your Kindle is another excellent benefit.

If you are wondering “Do I need an Amazon account for Audible”, the answer is yes. But you should also be aware of all the benefits that come for Amazon users and Prime members.

How to Create a Free Audible Account

As discussed earlier, you will need an Amazon account to start using Audible like any other Amazon service or product.

Let us walk you through the step-by-step process to create a free Amazon account.

  • Go to Audible Website and click on the Sign Up option at the top right of the screen. If you already have an active Amazon account you can click on Sign in and start using Audible by providing Amazon account details.
  • Next, click on Create your Amazon account option

  • Provide your name, email address, and password. Click on Create your Amazon Account to continue

  • To verify your email address, Amazon sends you an OTP to your email address. Provide the OTP and click on Create your Amazon account

Your Amazon account is ready to use in all Amazon services including Audible. You will be offered to start the free 30-day trial by providing your bank card information.

Audible’s free 30-day trial gets you 1 Credit that you can use to get any of the premium titles including best sellers and new releases.

The trial also allows access to Audible’s Plus Catalog which offers unlimited streaming of thousands of titles for free.

You can use Audible without a subscription plan and enjoy the content from the Free Listens section. You can also purchase Audible books without subscription.

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