Best Alexa Commands for Audible

Alexa and Audible have seamless integration as both are owned by Amazon. After linking your Audible account to your Alexa device, you can use voice commands to listen to Audible content on your Alexa devices and the Alexa app (iOS and Android).

Alexa device makes a perfect Audible player because of its excellent sound quality and help with multitasking. You can listen to audiobooks while working in the kitchen without any need to touch your device with your messy hands. 

This article covers the best Alexa commands for Audible to help you during your listening experience

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8 Things to Know About Playing Audible Books on Alexa

Some of the important points to know before using Audible on your Alexa devices.

  1. You can only purchase Audible books through Alexa using the available Credits. Purchasing a book via a bank card is not supported on Alexa devices.
  2. Some of the Audible features are not available on Alexa devices including Clips & Bookmarks, Mark as Finished, Listening log, Audible Badges, and Rating and Reviews.
  3. It helps Alexa if you mention words like ‘Audible’, ‘podcast’, and ‘audiobook’. Since Alexa has access to a wide range of content including music, TV shows, and movies, these words will help Alexa limit the search to your Audible content.
  4. If Audible is your default podcast/audiobook service, you do not need to add ‘Audible’ to your voice commands. This means you can ask “Alexa, play the podcast [Podcast Name]” instead of asking “Alexa, play the [Podcast Name] podcast from Audible”
  5. If you ask “Alexa, read my book” or “Alexa, play the podcast”, it will play the last audiobook or podcast that you listened to, from where you left off.
  6. If you have set up an Amazon Household [a feature to share your Audible content and other Amazon content and benefits with your family members for free], you can ask Alexa to switch profiles to access Audible content from other profiles.
  7. Audible has a dedicated Book Finder skill to help you with book recommendations. You can use this skill to know about the latest critically acclaimed books in your favorite genres and hear reviews from the New York Times, Guardian, NPR, and LA Times.
  8. You can access the Audible Stories skill without any membership. Ask “Alexa, open Audible Stories” and “Alexa, read me a [genre] story”. You can listen to short stories from different genres including nighttime, funny, scary, family, romance, meditation, and more.

List of Alexa Commands for Audible

You can use the Audible Alexa commands in this list on Alexa-enabled devices (Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Pop, and more) as well as the Audible app for iOS and Android devices.

1: Listening to Audiobooks, Podcasts and Audible Stories

You can listen to all the Audible content including audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible stories on your Alexa devices.

Get started with the following voice commands.

FunctionsVoice Commands
Listen to Audiobooks“Alexa, read Audible” – Plays the last book you listened to
“Alexa, play [The Hunger Games] from Audible”
“Alexa, read [Author] on Audible” – Picks the most popular book by author
“Alexa, read me a [genre] on Audible”  
Listen to Podcasts“Alexa, play my podcast from Audible” – Plays the last podcast you were listening to
“Alexa, play the [podcast name] from Audible”
“Alexa, next/ previous episode”
“Alexa, play episode 5 of the [podcast name] podcast”
“Alexa, resume [Podcast Name] Podcast from Audible”
Listen to Audible Stories“Alexa, open Audible Stories” – view or listen to list of genres
“Alexa, read me a [genre] story” – Short stories genre include funny, scary, fantasy, romance, meditation, random, and more
“Alexa, read me a story” – picks up from where you left off  

2: Playback Controls

For all the supported playback controls, help yourself with the following voice commands.

FunctionsVoice Commands
Play/ Pause“Alexa, pause” – pauses an audiobook or podcast
“Alexa, stop”
“Alexa, resume/play”
“Alexa, continue audiobook”
Rewind/ Forward“Alexa, go back/forward” – Rewinds/Forwards 30 seconds
“Alexa, go back [40 seconds]”
“Alexa, go forward [3 minutes]”
“Alexa, rewind [5 minutes]”
Chapters“Alexa, next/previous chapter”
“Alexa, go to chapter [5]” – goes to a specific chapter
“Alexa, restart the chapter”
“Alexa, what chapter is this”
“Alexa, skip this/next chapter”
“Alexa, go to last chapter”
Narration Speed“Alexa, read faster”
“Alexa, read slower”
“Alexa, read at normal speed”
Set a Timer“Alexa, stop reading in 15 minutes”
“Alexa, set a 30-minutes sleep timer”
Volume“Alexa, louder”
“Alexa, turn up/down the volume”
“Alexa, increase/decrease the volume”
“Alexa, set the volume to 4”
– Alexa has volume levels 1 – 10 (10 being the loudest)

3: Discover Content and Recommendations

Alexa can help you find your next read. You can ask Alexa for suggestions from specific genres and authors.

FunctionsVoice Commands
Recommendations“Alexa, recommend an audiobook”
“Alexa, recommend a [romance] book”
– Recommendations from a specific genre
“Alexa, recommend a book by [author name]”
Discover Content“Alexa, what’s free on Audible”
“Alexa, read me a [Funny] story”
– Audible Story from a specific genre
“Alexa, read me a [mystery] audiobook” – Explore titles from a specific genre

4: Explore Library

To see what you have in your Audible library, use the following commands.

FunctionsVoice Commands
Explore Library“Alexa, what’s in my Audible library”
“Alexa, what are my audiobooks”
“Alexa, list my Audible books”
“Alexa, list my Audible books by [Author Name]”

5: Account and Membership

The following Alexa commands are helpful to know about your credits, make a purchase, or start a free Audible trial.

FunctionsVoice Commands
Switch Profiles“Alexa, switch profiles” – Access another library if you have setup Amazon Household
Audible Trial“Alexa, start the Audible trial”
“Alexa, join Audible”
Credits“Alexa, how many Audible credits do I have”
Purchase Books“Alexa, buy Audiobook [Book Name]” – You can purchase books from Audible on Alexa using available credits only
“Alexa, read [Book Name] from Audible” 

6: Alexa as a Personal Assistant

You can ask Alexa several questions regarding Audible content. Here are some examples.

FunctionVoice Commands
Ask Questions“Alexa, who wrote [Book Name]”
“Alexa, who narrated [Book Name]”
“Alexa, what is this book”
“Alexa, what are you reading”
“Alexa, what chapter is this”
“Alexa, how much time is left on this audiobook”
“Alexa, who is the host of [Podcast Name] podcast”

This list of Alexa commands covers all Audible features and functions that you can use on your Alexa devices.

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